BIG SUR – Nature video

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“BIG SUR” has been filmed at a calmed pace, capturing the essence of the Californian scenery with real sounds of nature, to provide a relaxing view of Big Sur lands and its surroundings.


“Big Sur” is an ambient video, a pleasant travel through landscapes of the Californian coast that inspired Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller and many other artists.

It explores forests and the sea, rivers, tide pools, kelp forests and a true pioneer cabin … All video footages of BIG SUR pick up real surround sound of waves, running rivers and singing birds.

Enjoy comfortably from your screen with Nature and the almost unspoiled landscapes of Big Sur, creating a relaxing environment in your workplace and at home, as it can help you concentrate and ease your mind …

2 reviews for BIG SUR – Nature video

  1. Glo

    Great video!

  2. Dan

    Very nice video and beautiful landscapes.

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